Monday, September 19, 2011

We've Moved!

One Pixel Jump, and the OPJ Podcast, can now be found at New posts will no longer be appearing here. I'm not going to delete the blog so that it doesn't get picked up by spammers, but please visit the new site for new posts.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Recovery

Well, well, I think there might be a lack of posts that I've made over the past year or so. I've been talking to Blogger support, but they haven't given me anything substantial to work with as to why all the posts are gone now. For the time being, here are all the podcasts. If you're following through iTunes, you'll have to compensate because I'm not making a ton of posts.

The Disney Draft
Invisible Dinosaur Forest
Aluminum Isn't Green, El Fuerte!
It's Also a Really Awesome Metaphor For Lesbian Sex
The M.Bison are Coming! Man the Sonic Boom Guns!
Boomer Flakes! They're Horrible!
Jack, So Crazy with Your Murder and Erections
There Aren't Boobs On This
Yeah, They're Real Pervy
That Alarm Ain't Gonna Talk Shit to Me
We Need to Stop Talking About Penises!
Ethnicity Land
The Boredom Algorithm
Delicious Ice Cream Cannibalism
Look, It's Dildo Man!
An Insult to Castlevania 64
The Only Thing That Spices This Relationship Up Is the Insest
Rape Rape Rape
There's Nowhere to Get a Big Gulp in the Post Apocalypse
I'll Become a Several Story Tall Robot that Punches People
The Sword That Cleaves Ev- TROMBE!
Look! Pikachu is Evolving into... a Horrible Mass of Tumors...
By Our Powers Combined, We Can Eat Dinner!
Sir, I Don't Remember Us Ever Building a Submarine with a Smiley Face on It
Time Vasectomy
Does It Get All Naked First
Post-Traumatic Dong Disorder
Kicking a Robot in Half
I'm Pregnant... With PAIN!
Cotton Sexism
Bunny Has Your Vagina
My College Scholarship Won't Work if I'm Dead
Oh No! I Accidentally Crushed the Donut Factory!
He Was a Rainbow Dinosaur... Butterfly
I Just Decided to Become a Psychic
This is the Second Coming of Hats!
Who Else Wants to Teach Me How to Read?!
And the Worst Part is the Smell!
Oh No! We've Awakened the GAMMO!
Love Octohedron Between Cousins and a Panda
Giant Tiger God Maternity Ward
And That Robot Based on Dung Beetles
I Love You (stab)

And that's all the podcasts except the little one person ones I did as filler. I'll work on getting the text articles I did from time to time next. I just wanted to get the podcasts up as soon as possible. So that's part of the recovery, HOWEVER.

This has happened. I don't know how, I don't know if the posts were deleted because we violated the TOS unknowingly, I haven't gotten a notification about that, or if we were hacked since this account is linked to one of my Gmail ones. I now have all the podcasts in a backed up file, and I'll get the text ones next. I'm thinking about moving the blog to another site to prevent this from happening again. I'll get back to you with that and some new podcasts as soon as I've confirmed with DoubleGomez.

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